PR Consultants Group

In October 2014, PublicCity PR (PCPR) became a member of the PRConsultants Group (PRCG) and is proud to be the lone Michigan representative in this organization.

PRCG is a collaborative made up of senior-level PR experts in every major market in the United States. Members all have small to mid-sized public relations and marketing agencies, but often collaborate on programs that require PR in multiple markets.

Know our markets inside out.

First, we develop strategies, create plans and execute programs customized to top U.S. markets. PRCG members know that what builds buzz in Boston doesn’t necessarily do well in Dallas, so programs are optimized to bring the best results based on what works in each city.

Easy program management.

When PCPR works with PRCG, one member takes the lead on your program, coordinating and directing the efforts of the other member agencies. One agency serves as your point of contact, supervising and managing your programs in just a few markets or more than 50. It all makes management and reporting organized and easy.

Working together since 1992

PRCG had its beginnings in the early 1990s, as 7-Eleven began looking for public relations consultants in major markets to announce a major remodel of its stores and to help launch new products. PR professionals were chosen based on experience, knowledge of their markets and a positive, can-do attitude.

As additional PR consultants were added to serve new markets, and as clients recognized the value of tapping into an experienced, cohesive group of seasoned marketing and PR experts, it became apparent that this PR consortium was unusually effective. A history of collaborative effort, and the fact that the members knew and relied upon one another, made it an extremely successful model for national outreach. The logical next step was to formally organize PRCG in 2000 to reach out to additional clients. Recently, PRCG has added members in markets including Albuquerque, Nashville, Richmond and Kansas City, and now covers more than 50 of the top US markets.

PRCG differs from other expanded networks in that members work on projects together on a regular basis, and meet in person at least once a year at an annual conference. Members are invited to join the network based on their industry reputation, expertise, background and client work.

For more information, please visit, www.PRConsultantsGroup.com or read this press release regarding PCPR's joining the PR Consultants Group.